• Linked Work Experience

    The centre aims to build bridges between the learners and employment placements in the Kilkenny region. By meeting

  • Numeracy/Literacy

    The centre provides additional support for learners in developing their numeracy and literacy skills through the Numeracy/Literacy department.

  • Catering & Arts

    Catering & Art: (Level 3) This unique course combines the skills needed for art and design, culinary operations and food

  • Catering

    Catering and Hospitality: (Level 3) This course covers the essential skills in food preparation, culinary operations, breakfast cookery and cake

  • Design and Graphics

    Design and Graphics: (Level 4) Learners can develop the artistic and digital skills needed for graphic design, digital media projects,

  • Information Technology

    Information Technology and Office Skills: (Level 4) This course provides essential training in the knowledge of computer applications, reception and

  • Hairdressing & Barbering

    Hairdressing and Barbering: (Level 4) This VTCT-certified Diploma and Certificate educates learners in the art of dressing hair, colouring hair

  • Woodwork

    Woodwork Apprenticeship Ready: (Level 3) As part of the Level 3 Apprenticeship Ready course, learners can acquire valuable skills

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